Tim Robbins Photographer | Anberlin @ Messiah College!
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Anberlin @ Messiah College!

Anberlin @ Messiah College!

I am a part of the Student Activites Board (SAB) at my college; we try to bring culturally relevant activities to campus. This year on SAB we’ve decided to try something new and continually changing.  We typically bring a concert a semester.  However, this year, instead of having a Spring concert, we’ve invested in a (hopefully) ever-growing annual music event called Audendo.  Audendo means Listen Deeply.

Friday evening we welcomed Pigeon John, The Low Anthem, White Rabbits and Anberlin on our stage.

Because we plan to have this grow from year to year, and eventually become a weekend long music festival, each act is culturally different from another.  While we hope one day these acts might share different stages on our campus, for now, we presented the festival as concert, with four culturally diverse genres.