Tim Robbins Photographer | Couple: Wes & Lizzie!
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Couple: Wes & Lizzie!

Couple: Wes & Lizzie!

Had quite a busy last few days this week and no time for updates, so I apologize to the 10 or so people Google Analytics shows visiting this blog. Haha.  Last Sunday I had a couples photoshoot with a few of my friends.  Over all things went well.  My wireless transmitter died on the first shot so I was left with natural light and some fill from my 580EXII.  In many of the other photos from the shoot I found strong highlight-outlines on a single edge of each subject when I shoot natural light.  I should really figure out bounce boards and positioning for natural light.

Anyway, I shot these with my new 70-200, so the natural light was a fun challenge for me.

And this was my lovely assistant for half the shoot 🙂 My girlfriend is the best and helps me with shoots. She enjoys throwing in her “understanding” of photo terms throughout the sessions.