Tim Robbins Photographer | Have an Interest in Pinterest?
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Have an Interest in Pinterest?

Have an Interest in Pinterest?

On the night of July 28, I sat up at thinking of ideas for a new promotional piece centering itself around senior sessions.  Trying to decide the best means to effectively communicate my offerings, and what I’d like to be demonstrated in the piece, I thought about a) viral marketing, and how it’s 100% sought after and yet rarely planned, and b) what teens and young adults find themselves filling their online time with.  This lead me to Pinterest.

Pinterest growth is more than noteworthy; it claims a substantial amount of its visitor’s time, has held it for quite a while, and will likely continue to do so.  Closing in on being the forth largest online traffic source of the world, it’s safe to say there are a fair bit of people using the social network.  If you’re unfamiliar with the concept behind Pinterest, it’s fairly simple.  Wrap your mind around creating bulletin boards for all of your favorite interests, and using thumbtacks, or pins, to hold together each magazine tear sheet, piece of advertising, or delicious recipe you collect.  Now digitalize it.  Pinterest is all about creating various boards and pinning photos and websites to them.  Better yet, you can share your boards with your friends, and, likewise, view their boards as well.  (You can follow me here!)

Sounds like something visually identifiable to me.  According to Tamba, and their collaboration with Google Analytics, the average Pinterest user spends 14.2 minutes per visit on the network.  And while that’s not nearly as much as Facebook claims, it’s still a fair share of time users are willfully handing over to their computer screens in exchange for colors and pictures.

Here’s where the marketer in me came into play.  Print advertising is slowly fading away, we all know that.  Not 15 months ago did I write an 18 page paper on the diminishment of traditional media for class.  So why not merge the two?  Why not create a piece of print advertising centered around the digital world so many people are being mesmerized by each day?  People are already looking at Pinterest with the obvious intention of seeing images, so pairing my work with the already established seemed to be more than beneficial. I also photograph more girls than guys anyway (hey guys, let’s book a session!), who make up the majority of the demographic on Pinterest as it is.  My design, whatever I could make it look like, would hopefully not only be eye catching, but familiar.

This lead me, a guy with a BS in Marketing and years of youtube-design lessons (hah!), to step into the design world.  I’m certainly not a graphic designer, and I’d surely recommend any number of my artist-friends to anyone who asked me to design marketing material for their businesses, but I thought I’d give it a shot for my own.

– Cue the real designers’ laughter. –

It started with a screenshot.  Why not!  I mean, it’s essentially the same as a rough sketch, except more smooth than rough, because it was the basis for the design from the start.  After some cropping, layer creation and patching, I had an idea of where this was going.  I downloaded a few free, pre-made photoshop files of design elements and had at it!  After a few hours of switching back and forth from Photoshop to Illustrator and back to Photoshop, because I’m really not a graphic designer, I had my finished product.  A 5×5 card with the ever-identifiable Pinterest layout, complete with faux-branding to mimic the Pinterest logo on the front, along with my own real branding on the back.  This was almost ready for the world…or at least the greater Philadelphia area.

After a few days of online searching, and some family-friend connections, I send a zip file off to Crossing Press for printing.  It’s harder than you think to find someone to print and cut a square and not charge an arm and a leg!  A little over a week later, I received my promos, with an amazing print quality, I might add, and am now ready to see what kind of business I can drum up!

So we’ll see how things go!  I’m  pretty proud of how this thing came out, and I hope it starts a positive relationship with my booking calendar!  Have you recently seen any advertising that caught your eye?  Why and how did it do so?