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Senior Sessions

It’s senior year and you’re likely gearing up for those ravishing traditional cap and gown photos, am I right? Let’s bail on that plan and have some fun instead! In booking a senior session with me you’re assured the most creative images you and I can produce. We’ll do almost everything different from the traditional studio, and I promise, you won’t hear me say “feet here, shoulders back, hands there…” We’ll shoot in a natural environment and can tweak each look to your personality – coming down to your outfit, hair, make-up, and interests. Feel free to bring your varsity basketball jersey, acoustic guitar, or field hockey gear – the goal here is to make your senior year a memorable one! I typically shoot with portable, on-location lighting for Senior Sessions. If you’re looking for a more traditional setting, rather than on-location, please make let me know prior to the session.

Your Clothing

You’re encouraged to bring a variety clothes; the only request I have is that you’re 100% comfortable in what you’ll be shooting in!  You and I both know you won’t photograph well in the shirt you hate, so leave that one at home.  Bring a selection of clothing, and together we can pick what you’ll shoot best in!

Pro Tip: Leave seasonal boundaries aside; everything from t-shirts to sweaters, jackets and tank tops can work. If you leave it at home (or at the store!), we obviously can’t shoot you in it, so bring along those second-guessed items as well.

The Feeling-Risky Tip: If your wardrobe is missing something, go out and buy it, only to return it after the shoot. We’ll keep the tags on and hide them during the session, don’t worry. Note: If it’s a rather warm day, it may be best to stay clear of this tip due to sweating. 🙂

Hair and Makeup

I currently do not have offerings for in-house hair and makeup. My advise in this area: work from the ground up. Avoid shimmery products with sparkle and shine. Shooting through layers of makeup is not fun! Matting skin tone is not what you want to do, so non-powder base is best. Nine times out of ten, natural, healthy and glowing will get you there before soft and powdery.  Come in with little, and feel free to build up as we progress through the shoot (if you feel you need it). It’s easier to add as we go than it is to reduce. Remember, we’re taking a series of photographs, so be aware of how much you’re adding throughout the session, too. You don’t want to look vastly different from our first image to our last. Unless you do…for some reason…

The LetsNotTalkAboutIt Tip: Everyone and their mother – literally – has blemishes.  This is where a computer with Photoshop works wonders. Please, please please! Do not come in with half a bottle of foundation on your chin.  I promise you I will take care of any blemishes in the post-processing of the images if you promise to keep the cover-up to a limit.  Deal?


I shoot with Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon L series glass, which are considered some of the best portrait-driven DSLR tools in the industry. This pair results in incredible, tack-sharp digital images. I light with a combination of Profoto monoblocks and portable Speedlights, which offer reliability during every session. For more information on my equipment, check out the ‘gear’ section on the About page!

After the Session

Once we’ve completed shooting, I’ll do some basic color corrections to the images and upload them to a private portion of my website for your viewing. This will serve as your digital proof gallery, where you can make a selection for print purchases. From here on out the ball is in your court. You can take as long as you’d like to review the images and sift through them, making your selection for purchase. Once you have identified the images and print/digital options that you’d like, you can contact me to put your order in. At this point, I will do finalized edits to the images, and submit them to the lab for printing (if you’ve decided on prints). Digital options will be made available to you via a download link from my website. Photos, whether print or digital, will not be delivered until a selection has been made and payment in full has been received per your selection.

  • Senior Session

  • $175/session
    • 1-1.5 Hour Session
    • Prints and Digital Files Available
    • See Details Below

Pricing and Rates:

A Senior Session fee is $175.00. There is currently no deposit necessary, but payment in full must be made at the time of the session. Payment for your choice of images will be made after the shoot, upon completion of your selection identification and order.


There are a variety of digital and print options for Senior Sessions, which can be found below. Because many high schools are now requiring high resolution images to be submitted for yearbook use, one complimentary 300dpi file of your choice will be sent over to your schools yearbook advisor to cover this.  You must supply me with a valid email address to make this transaction.

Printing Options
– 2.5″x3.5″ Wallets (set of 4) – $3.50 a set
– 4″x6″ – $4.00 each
– 5″x7″ – $6.00 each
– 8″x10″ – $9.00 each
– 11″x14″ – $20.00 each
– 16″x20″ – $35.00 each
– 20″x24″ – $55.00 each
– 20″x30″ – $65.00 each

Printing Options: Standouts
Standouts are images printed and mounted on a 1.5″ foam board with black or white trim.
– 8″x10″ – $70.00 each
– 11″x14″ – $100.00 each
– 16″x20″ – $140.00 each
– 20″x30″ – $220.00 each

Printing Options: Gallery Wraps
Gallery wraps are images printed edge-to-edge on canvas then wrapped around a 1.5″ wooden frame.
– 8″x10″ – $100.00 each
– 11″x14″ – $140.00 each
– 16″x20″ – $200.00 each
– 20″x24″ – $210.00 each
– 20″x30″ – $250.00 each

Digital Options
– One set of 10 watermarked, low resolution images (72dpi). – $35.00
– One set of 20 watermarked, low resolution images (72dpi). – $60.00.
– Pick Your Package: your choice of any quantity of watermarked and low resolution (72dpi) images – $300.00
These images cannot be used for reprinting and cannot be altered in any way, as my contract indicates.

– One set of 10 non-watermarked, high resolution images (300dpi). – $175.00
– One set of 20 non-watermarked, high resolution images (300dpi). – $300.00
– Pick Your Package: your choice of any quantity of un-watermarked and high resolution (300dpi). – $600.00
These images can be used for reprinting but cannot be altered in any way, as my contract indicates.

All checks made payable to: Tim Robbins.
Rates and Policies subject to change without notice.

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