The One with The Studio!
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The One with The Studio!

The One with The Studio!

August 2007

It’s been a long time coming — I’ve set up shop in living rooms, basements, dining rooms, and have had various pop-up studios in numerous locations, but I’m finally able to say,

“Welcome, one and all, to my studio!”

I’ve recently become fortunate enough to call Yardley, PA home!  I’m incredibly happy (and a little anxious!) to finally have a space of my own to shoot in, and would sincerely like to thank any and all of my past clients for booking me, referring me, or even just following along on facebook.  It’s sappy, cliché, and one hundred percent true — I literally wouldn’t be where I am now without all those who have made the past five years exactly what they’ve been: a great time of learning and growing.

So cheers to what’s to come!  If you’re ever in the Yardley area, stop by and see if I’m in! 🙂

Below you can find an altogether cheesy video of my new space, complete with shadows and mirror glimpse of me that destroy the ‘production value.’ I guess we all can’t be
Roland Vega | Filmmaker… 🙂

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